Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Supplies Surprise Bazaar #9

I recently participated in the FUYOH Art Bazaar on 31 March and I would like to announce that Hearts & Crafts will be participating in another bazaar, the Supplies Surprise Bazaar #9 which will be held this Saturday, 13 April 2013 from 12pm-7pm *smiles smiles*

This will be my first time at the bazaar and I am a little nervous to say the least. Butterflies are a plenty in my belly but part of the reason why I started Hearts & Crafts was not only to make some profits but to make new friends who are into arts and crafts and who can inspire me and craft with me *smiles* so in that sense I guess I am not so nervous *laughs* 

So anyways, I will be at Supplies Surprise Bazaar #9 at B-Free studio and I will be selling my full range of crafts supplies such as my happy washi tape {but of course}, patterned paper straws, embellishments, stickers, post-its, specially designed posters and bookmarks and more.

So do pen down this rather important date and visit the Supplies Surprise Bazaar. Do find below the location of the bazaar {at the BFree Studio} and if you wish to know more about the bazaar and the other lovely vendors {there will be vendors selling fabric, ribbons and all your crafting supplies} and receive updates, do visit the Supplies Surprise FB page or the Handmade Movement blog

I certainly hope to see you all there. Do drop by to say "hi" when you are there *smiles*

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