Saturday, 23 June 2012

Cake Toppers

If you are buying a cupcake or a slice of cake for a friend to celebrate their birthday 
or to cheer them up after a particularly crappy day at work or to even say
"I love you" or "I am sorry" or "Bon Voyage", then a cake topper is something
that would complete your celebration!

Available in a variety of colours {shades of pastel, pinks, purples, blues as well as 
metallic gold and silver} and patterns {checks, polka dots and stripes}, these 
cake toppers will really brighten up just about any cake, cupcake, muffin or dessert. 
If you would like to personalise your cake topper, all you need is a pen!
Note: The words written on the cake toppers cannot be erased.

These cake toppers which measure 6.3cm in height are sold in packs of 12
If you would like to reuse them, you can rinse them in soapy water and dry just them. 
If you would like a certain colour palette, customisation can be arranged.

To see these cake toppers up close, do visit me at the Fuyoh Art Bazaar tomorrow
at Publika shopping centre. I will be at booth no. 76 *smiles*
If you are unable to attend but would like to purchase the toppers, 
do drop me a mail at

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