Friday, 15 February 2013

H&C's lends a hand to Kate

Because of Kate's plight, Hearts & Crafts will be having a 50% sale off all washi tape from the 14th - 19th of February. The discount received for the washi tape bought will be sent to Kate and her family. To understand more about Kate's condition, or to participate in a handmade craft auction, please read the excerpt below by Kate's sister Allie from Allie's Handcrafted Gifts 
If I am slow to respond, my sincere apologies as I will be away until mid-next week and will have limited access to the internet. Do also note that shipping is not included in the 50% discount. 
Alternatively, just say a prayer for Kate and her family. 
Have a good week ahead

 This is so hard for me to do but I'm opening up to you and reaching out to you as friends, family and fellow mums and sisters at this very difficult time in my life and hope that you might be able to help me.... This is my sister Kate, she is 24, 6weeks ago she was rushed to RNS hospital at 10am in the morning when her best friend/room mate found her unconscious and not breathing in her bed, Kate went into cardiac arrest three times before making it to hospital. She as a result suffered severe damage to her brain due to lack of oxygen and is currently recovering from this injury. She has come along way from near death but has so much more ahead of her, she is unable to communicate with us effectively and cannot speak or move or eat on her own, she has to rely on us to interprate her body language and we pray everyday that we don't get it wrong. 

The cause of her injury appears to be linked to what we believe was an accidental overdose of prescription medications we found in her room, Kate was a beautiful, enthusiastic, hardworking and fun loving girl who also struggled with inner self esteem, depression and anxiety. My family live over an hour from where Kate is hospitalized. My mother in November of last year underwent major spinal surgery, however pulls any energy she has left to be there for Kate everyday and I try and do the same but with three children and working to try and keep my own head above water can make things very hard. 

Mum is having to live out of nearby motels so that she can be with Kate each day and this comes at a price, through the grace of friends and family we have managed to get this far ( we rely on medicare for kates treatment, and are grateful for the care she is recieveing so far) but the journey is yet to continue for sometime and Kate is going to need special care and special facilities for her kind of injury, and mum is unable to afford to stay close by any longer meaning she has to try and drive the hour and a half in each morning in her condition, and it is heartbreaking for me as I can only give relief for short amounts of time. 

And so this is where I would like to ask you for help, I would like to raise some money for my sister so that we can afford to be close to her as she recovers and we can also afford the little things and possible big things like wheel chairs and what not as she needs them. I would like to therefore put together an auction here on my page to do so and am reaching out to my fellow handmade businesses for donations for this auction with all proceeds going towards Kate and her care. I believe that every little bit can help and I know that networking like this not only helps My family but also helps your businesses to gain exposure. 

I have set up a special PayPal account for payments for Kate and each item will have a start bid of $5 and bids are to increase in $5 increments. Items will be shipped directly from the seller. Winning bidders will be announced at auction close and they are required to make immediate payment and supply their email address for the seller to contact you re shipping details. I will let sellers know as soon as payment is received so that you can ship your item. 

Sellers please indicate if you will be covering postage or the postage amount that is required in your listing and this will be forwarded to you by me as soon as I receive payment for the item. Auction will be held on the Sunday 3rd of march opening at 5pm and will conclude on the Monday the 4th at 8pm (NSW time) So if you own a handmade business and would like to donate please send your item and details to Or if you would like to purchase something please be at my page on March 3rd and I will announce the auction start at 5pm Alternatively to make a donation please donate through Paypal to this email address - Thankyou in advance for your help xxalliexx

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